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Linear Motion Potentiometer,

This product is the result of PANKAJ’s Policy to develop new product as import substitute.

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Rotary Conductive Plastic
Servo Potentiometer, RCP-50

Conductive Plastic Servo Potentiometer from PANKAJ offers long rotational life,
stable output in wide temperature range, high moisture environment

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Foot Operated Potentiometers

An innovative product from PANKAJ Foot Operated Potentiometer
model FOP-5K, using Short stroke

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10 Bit Absolute Analogue Encoder,
NCP-711-S (Standard) & V (Voltage)

Absolute Analogue Servo Encoder is operating on Hall’s effect principle.
There is no metallic moving wiper contacting to element and hence no
wear and tear or sliding electrical noise.

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Square Conductive Plastic
Potentiometers SQCP-55

The latest product in Conductive plastic range from PANKAJ is
best suited for Joy Stick, Industrial controls & multi ganged mechanical feedback.

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Welcome To Our Website

“PANKAJ” Potentiometers pvt. Ltd., enjoys the privilege of being associated with the Indian Electronic Industry for over five decades,right from the infancy period of Electronic Industry in India till adolescence (maturity). Despite the technological revolution,we have maintained our pace by increasing our domestic market share and now have presence in International markets too.To keep in pace with time and technology, we have widened product range to Non contact rotary encoders.